Way’s Girls

K-pop excels at remaking entertainment from the west – some of the best k-pop songs are direct copies of western songs, and all k-pop is at the very least extremely western-influenced.  So please enjoy this reconfiguration of a classic western tale, Kpopalypse style.



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POSITIVE post: 3 people who I like in k-pop right now

I’ve recently been alerted to the fact that some people think my k-pop blogging is “negative” and that I’m just hating on everything I can for cheap jokes and generally getting off on being a rude and unpleasant person.  Gosh, what a strange perception.  This is obviously untrue as clearly someone who genuinely hated k-pop wouldn’t spend so much time writing about it, so why are some people so easily confused about this?

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I woke up today and notice that my viewcount had passed the 100,000 mark, so just dropping a quick note to say thanks to all my readers for the views!  When I started this blog I had no idea it would be this popular.  Sure, 100,000 is nothing in the grand scheme of k-pop blogs (to put it in perspective, Anti Kpop-Fangirl hit 10 million views recently and other more mainstream k-pop sites would have many times more than this) but it’s still a hell of a lot more than I thought would ever look at my writing!  So thanks for your patronage – keep visiting and I’ll keep adding content!  That’s all for now!


Welcome to the first Kpopalypse interview!


In this post I’m going to be interviewing Jacques Peterson, the owner/writer of pop website Arcadey and writer for pop-culture website Popdust.   Jacques’ own website used to be called The Prophet Blog and he’s been writing about K-pop as well as pop from other countries for a long time, much to the pleasure/displeasure of many.  Love him or hate him, if you’ve followed western K-pop blogging over the last few years you’ve probably seen some of his posts and have an opinion about them.  He attracted my attention when the T-ara scandal broke in 2012, where his lucid writing style and refusal to blindly follow the trendy popular opinion of the time shone out to me like a jewel-encrusted beacon in a lake of shit.  In this interview we cover off his views on a wide range of k-pop and blogging-related topics.  Enjoy!

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