BOMDMAS – YG truth formula

My last post was all about subjectivity and bias, so today’s post is all about maths, truth and objective things that can be measured absolutely.

I’ve been told that YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk plans to debut four new groups in 2014.  Wow, yay for YG fans right?

As we often know with YG, their plans don’t always equate to reality, so maybe we shouldn’t break out the party streamers just yet.  Remember how we were supposed to get a new 2NE1 song every month from July 2013 through to October 2013?


Oh dear.  Something tells me this might not end well.

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Let’s help KARA have a bright future

Almost everybody reading this will know that KARA, one of k-pop’s biggest groups, has had some line-up difficulties lately with two members Nicole and Jiyoung not renewing their contracts, leaving the group as a three-piece.  I guess it must be a pretty shit group to be in if the girls are making enough money to buy real estate yet some of them can’t stand to be part of the KARA machine any longer, but then if I were an idol maybe I’d be sick of that bullshit by now and I’d bail too.  In any event, the girls probably aren’t giving anything away.


So what does this mean for the future of KARA… and how can we help?

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Learning relative pitch – the k-pop way

This is a music theory-related post.  I wrote it initially as an answer to someone who asked about how to learn relative pitch.  I got halfway through and then thought to myself “fuck it – this information could be really useful so why not make a blog out of it so it’s not buried 269 pages deep in my answers list and impossible to dig out in a month’s time.  People who are not musicians or aspiring to be musicians may struggle to understand this post and may also be incredibly fucking bored by it, and for that I apologise, but there probably isn’t a way around this to be honest.


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