Equally angsty Koreaboo i-netizen – the meme


I get misunderstood a lot when I talk about Korean netizens.  People always misinterpret what I say as if I’m picking on the poor Korean Internet users and putting netizens from other countries on some kind of pedestal.  Time to increase some understanding.

To show you what I’m talking about, here’s the latest example of many, taken from the comments section of some Netizenbuzz article about some girl supposedly getting dick from EXO members or whatever.


A few points of clarification:

*  I didn’t actually say KOREAN netizens in my post, or specify race or culture at all – other (chickenshit anonymous) people brought up the race issue.  And then I get called the “racist” one.  Irony, no?

*  When I refer to “these ones here” I was referring to the netizens who commented on that article specifically, I wasn’t referring to Korean netizens as a whole, but that’s a subtlety that I’m sure the people commenting missed because they all got worked up into a little tizzy of “LOOK HE IS NOT AGREEING WITH EVERYTHING THEY SAY, QUICK, WE MUST PROTECT OUR PRECIOUS KOREAN FRIENDS!!!!!!1!1!”.

*  If people stopped acting like a hive-mind, maybe I’d stop talking about them as if they were acting like a hive-mind, now there’s a fucking thought

But hey, if these people wanted to convince me that they are just as stupid as any other netizen from any other country, then I guess they can proudly say “mission accomplished” because I think they just fucking convinced me.


So it’s in the spirit of equality and racial/cultural harmony that I now bring you my thoughts on international netizens, in tried-and-true Angsty Korean Netizen meme format.  To differentiate this new meme from the old meme, I’ve flipped over the image (because it’s a different part of the world so they’re looking in a different direction which is a neat metaphor for cultural difference, oh wow you’re so smart Kpopalypse oppar are you single yet) and given the new image a refreshing green tint to indicate the jealously of these people because they weren’t born in Korea.  Enjoy.




















4 thoughts on “Equally angsty Koreaboo i-netizen – the meme

  1. Just you wait, Kpopalypse! One day all of my un-conditional agreement with k-netizens and learning to speak fluent Korean through Google Translate 101 will finally pay off when I wake up one day and I’ve magically turned into a Korean!

  2. Man, this is so accurate it hurts. I’ve run into pretty much all these things at some point, after being sucked into the vortex that is the netizenbuzz comment section, among other places. I commend you for trying to reason with people there, I just don’t have the patience.
    One little thing that really ticks me off is when they start to adopt the phrases seen in the k-net comments, not in a meme-y way though, but for actual serious, like “this is too much”. Who says that, really? I’ve only ever seen it in k-net comments and now the comment section there.
    Also, do you know what show the meme is from?

    • Yeah there’s a real herd mentality happening over there that’s for sure. I’m not sure of the source of the image tbh, anime isn’t something that I follow. I just chanced across it.

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