Okay, so I’ll do another blog about plagiarism, sampling and genre similarity as long as you all promise to STFU about it.

Ever since I wrote a blog recently about IU’s plagairism accusations and melodic plagiarism in general, I’ve been bombarded with people asking the following:


I’ve been reluctant to dive into answering this question, simply because I don’t want to be “that guy” who people run to whenever there’s a new plagiarism case to ask what I think.  The whole point of my last blog was to hopefully get people to realise that similarity in music is a completely normal thing across all music styles and genres and to stop fucking obsessing over it, and of course plenty of people completely missed that point and instead used the post as a tool to obsess about the issue and picked things apart even more – which was exactly the opposite to what I intended.  Yay me.


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I’ll show you… why I don’t like Allkpop.

Anybody who is anybody that follows k-pop will know that the website Allkpop has been the most popular news and information site for a while now.  They also seem to be the most hated.


Of course, everybody likes to hate something that is really popular, but I personally find that there’s plenty of legitimate reasons to not be that fond of Allkpop.  Let’s look at some of the reasons that may have caused people to dislike Allkpop, and then I’ll tell you why I personally dislike them.  It’s not what you think.

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Sasaeng control – Project Luhan

Today’s blog is inspired by this question I received on ask.fm:


It’s a good question, deserving of a detailed response, so I thought it would be interesting to answer it in blog form.

Korea doesn’t really have any anti-stalking laws – unless the sasaengs assault their idols, trespass on property or steal something, the law can’t really do much.  The idols can’t do much either – any interaction with these people or even via their entourage and security just feeds the saesangs because it confirms that what they’re doing has a payoff – “EXO’s security guard slapped me – now I’m THAT MUCH CLOSER TO EXO” etc.

It doesn’t leave too many options… but I thought of a unique solution that just might actually work.  Read on, and come with me on an anti-fanfiction trip into the universe of stalkers and sasaengs.

csj(The first sasaeng)

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