A word about my new blogging gig and rabid k-pop fandoms.

Some of you may have noticed that I recently got a blog (the G-Dragon one) published on the blog site Anti Kpop-Fangirl.

Yes, this is happening with my permission! They asked for authors and I applied, I think it’s an entertaining site so I’m very happy that they consider some of my writing interesting enough to be included. From now on, some (but not all) of the content that you see on this blog may also be reposted there. This blog will also continue on as normal, to function partly as a draft blog for the content that will go over there, and also to continue to be available for me to post other random shit that might be on my mind but may not fit in with what Anti Kpop-Fangirl does, because it’s something specific to my radio show, or just not really of the right “tone” for their page.

If you want to know more about their site, all I can suggest is that you read their FAQ which you can find by clicking this bit of coloured text right here.

Some people might wonder why I would write for this site. If nothing else my writing style is a lot more verbose than what they usually do. Well, I think their satirical mission is good – fangirls do take themselves really seriously and desperately need a wake-up call. The situation of rabid k-pop fandoms is really just a situation of lots of people with bad mental health swapping notes on how to avoid taking their prescribed medication (reality). By all means enjoy your favourite artists, their music, and their image, but there are times when people should definitely try to take a step back and assess their mental state. Here are some warning signs for you to look out for:

* when you won’t listen to group B because you feel you’re “betraying the faith” in group A

* when gentle jokes about your biases’ (rumoured or actual) behaviour really upset you

* when you feel like you can’t relate to other people who don’t share your bias

* when you find Korean netizens’ comments to be generally rational regardless of topic

* when you find yourself falling in love with someone you have never met

* when you show up at that person’s door with a quart of your own menstrual blood to throw at them, so you can later brag on the Internet that “he touched my bodily fluids, we are now united”

Look at what happens when people don’t take a step back and instead take things too far:

So that’s why Anti Kpop Fangirl is good. You don’t want to be like these freaks, or one day your bias will disband and then you’ll wake up and wonder what the fuck you did with the last 5 years of your life, just like all those mentally ill Beatles fans had to.


3 thoughts on “A word about my new blogging gig and rabid k-pop fandoms.

  1. very well said. I support that blogsite and to the authors that contribute to it. fangirling is too overrated, i sometimes wished to be shot. xD

  2. Personally I’m not a fan of that site… I find it too hateful and negative, and nobody on there that I’ve seen (except now you!) can write. Once I left comments about T-ara in an AKP thread defending T-ara as a group who have acting experience, and anti kpop fangirl made a whole article about it with screencaps of my comments. The comments were fairly rational although I think by memory some of them were turned up and stannish, but that’s just something I put on depending on my mood — it’s not to be taken completely seriously. I just thought it was such a pointless thing to make an article about, and I’m not a fan of all these K-pop sites that are just out there to trash K-pop. I feel like K-pop is a niche and easily avoidable, so if you don’t like it and only have bad stuff to say about it, then simply don’t listen to it! Problem solved.

    Not that it really affects me. I don’t read any K-pop blogs, except allkpop, which is solely for news, and Netizenbuzz, which is also for news and just to troll for fun.

    Anyway I’m still happy you’ll blog over there since you can actually string a sentence together and I’ve never really seen you leaving mindlessly hateful comments on sites before, so congrats 🙂

    • I applied for the AKF gig wondering if I was really the best fit, but they seemed to like my writing so *shrug*. I’m flattered.

      I’d consider that you were written about as an article topic to be an extreme compliment. I do remember that article. I’m envious! Definition of relevancy: when people make articles about what you say. I was in two minds when I read it: on the one hand T-ara bashing is so cliche and boring so whenever I see I’m always like “ho-hum here we go again with trendy T-ara bashing” and going on stanning sessions is great to piss people off especially at NB, but on the other hand saying Jiyeon is a great actress because she was in Death Bell 2 is like saying Paris Hilton is a great actress because she was in House Of Wax. So although I’m T-ara-biased as fuck (partly because they got such a raw deal from netizens, partly because of their high music quality), I have to admit they had a point. I don’t think AKF is really about trashing k-pop though, I think it’s about going up to people who cut their wrists over EXO or stab people in the audience because they like SNSD more than SuJu and putting up a mirror to that kind of behaviour. It’s “anti kpop-fangirl” not “anti-kpop fangirl” – where you put the hyphen is important!

      In any event it won’t really affect things here, I’m just going to continue to blog when I feel like it and write the same sort of stuff that I generally always have. The only difference is that AKP now have the “option” to pick up any of my articles if they like them.

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