KPOPALYPSE drinking game

Today a fellow DJ, Mr Adam Mondayitis (who does the radio show before my own, full of weird and wonderful music that is nothing like k-pop and that you should check out sometime), mentioned that he could devise a great drinking game from the Kpopalypse radio show, given that the k-pop I play tends to conform to certain rules and trends. I hastily agreed with him and told him to send me a list. He’s done so, and it’s suitably inspired – I’ve also edited and added to it significantly. Thanks to him and also Millie from the Facebook group for help with this.

syoalc copy

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Let’s go to Sydney and not see a k-pop concert. Also, Sydney k-pop shopping guide.

I didn’t want to waste my flights to Sydney to go and see the k-pop concert that got canned, so I thought I’d go to Sydney anyway and do a bit of shopping. Since I can’t blog about the concert, I’ll just blog about Sydney instead and share with you the k-pop and travel-related knowledge I gained while wandering about, just in case you should ever happen to find yourself in Australia’s biggest city as a k-pop fan and wonder where and how you can buy stuff.

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