K-pop? Why?

Let me put this into perspective – I don’t look like your average k-pop fan.  When strangers see me walk down the street with headphones on and judge purely by appearance they’re probably more likely to think that I’m listening to skinhead punk rock than anything like what you’re going to see in this blog.  The fact that I like k-pop always catches my friends by surprise, even my own girlfriend was like “YOU?  Like THIS?  No way…” when she found out.  So I thought I’d write this blog purely for my own benefit, so when people ask me about how and why I got into k-pop I can just lazily throw them a link to here rather than have the same conversation with each one of my friends and acquaintances about this, over and over.  And of course if any of them or anyone else happens to be entertained by this post, then that’s also great.  Conversely, if you don’t like it… I don’t know, you could always read something else, right?  Just a thought.

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