KPOPALYPSE’s 30 favourite k-pop songs of 2012

These are my favourite k-pop songs for 2012.  These songs are just the ones that I personally liked, not necessarily the ones that were the most successful.  Certainly not necessarily the ones that anyone else will like, not that I care, because we all have different music taste, don’t we (and I will relentlessly and cruelly bash you over the head with mine as if it’s the gospel truth for the rest of this blog).  Or the ones with the best videos (although in almost every single case I do happen to like the videos anyway – it’s hard to go wrong with k-pop videos really).


I’ve now expanded this list to 30 songs only because I want to do 30 song-lists each year, so I thought I’d edit this post to bring it into line with the other years.  The reason for 30 as a number is because 30 fits neatly into the timeframe of two radio shows.  Let’s get started.

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