Kpopalypse’s cat reacts to the Longguo scandal

Longguo apparently got in a scandal where he mistreated his cat, so I thought I’d get my cat’s assessment on this important development in k-pop.  In the below video, my cat has to decide whether to stay with me and listen to Longguo’s “Friday Night“, or go into the other room to take a shit.  Please enjoy the following critical assessment of Longguo.

Thanks for watching – Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!

A quick survey on the most important things happening in the world of k-pop this week

I’m not posting for a couple days so just to tide you over until roundup I thought I’d drop in with this important poll.

Enjoy!  Apologies for the lack of a longer posting, Kpopalypse will reflect and return with a more mature image soon!