Kpopalypse clearing house post 1 for 2017

Roundup is over for 2017 but there’s still a few new songs trickling through, plus plenty of songs from earlier in the year that I forgot about.  Let’s take a quick look at some of what I’ve missed in this semi-roundup post that isn’t!

Tiffany (Girls’ Generation). Girls’ Generation members were selected “scan-dol of the week” by Kpopalypse more than any other group’s membership in 2017.

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The Kpopalypse 2017 end of year k-pop survey!

Well, 2017 is just about wrapped up apart from the upcoming Christmas bullshit, and the chances of anything of musical worth being released from here on out are slim.  Therefore, it’s time for a quick survey about Kpopalypse’s best and worst songs of 2017!

Do the survey in the box below, or if no box appears because your web browser eats a hot bowl of dicks, clicking the picture above of Han Seo Hee staring at her phone will take you to the survey as a separate webpage.  Enjoy, caonimas!